How to fry onions to make delicious spice curry

The most important point in making a delicious spice curry is the way you stir-fry the onions. Onions are an important ingredient that forms the base of spiced curry, and how you handle them affects the flavor of the curry. To help you enjoy even more delicious CARMA curry, today we will teach you in detail how to fry onions!

1. First, cut the onion as thinly and evenly as possible in the opposite direction of the fibers. By cutting them evenly, you can fry them evenly and prevent them from burning.

2. Stir-fry over high heat with the whole spices from the CARMA spice kit to evaporate the moisture. At first, try not to touch the frying pan too much and don't stir too much. However, it is important to be careful not to burn it as it is a high flame.

3. When the onions turn brown, continue frying, stirring occasionally to prevent them from burning. At this point, even if you think it's almost done, keep frying until it turns a deep golden brown.

4. The onions are done when they turn dark brown and the onions look like fried onions. The water will evaporate, so it will feel lighter when you mix it. It took me about 3 years to realize that this feeling of lightness was a sign of completion.

This step may take the most time, depending on the amount of onions. I think it takes about 15 minutes for home use. I wonder if it's about time on the way? Even if you think this is the case, stir-fry it even more to make it a golden brown color without burning it.

Please try making delicious curry with CARMA's spice kit!

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